Enneagram Unfolding is a school and a group coaching community.

The school offers options for how you learn about the Enneagram. You can take the complete introduction - an 11 module introduction to the system of the Enneagram to kick start your growth journey with a thorough overview of all the types. You can also simply take the course on the type you know you're dominant in. All courses are self paced.

The group coaching program is a community of people who meet once per month to collaborate on their personal growth using the Enneagram as a guide. These communities are small and intimate, maxed out at 20 people per group, and have advanced access to programming released in the school.

Hi, I'm Amanda!

I'm an Enneagram teacher, certified coach and LMSW who lives in Dallas, TX with my husband and two daughters. I've been teaching the Enneagram since 2016 and have always wanted to have a self-paced course available for those who want to learn but can't make it to an in person course.

I LOVE teaching the Enneagram because it is the best tool I've found for transformation and growth, HANDS DOWN! I'm dominant and Type Eight and that is pretty influential on the way I teach - I get excited, I have a lot of energy and I teach with PASSION. Lucky for you - you can pause and rewind me now!

The school is amazing for learning, but the real growth and transformation happens in the group coaching community - our meetings are full of curiosity and challenges and support for one another as we learn and grow together.

Come join me in this journey and let's thrive together!